Music and life (that seems to me almost the same thing) are bringing me slowly to a new consciousness, in my path as man they are both acquiring a spiritual deepness: recent is the notice that my music is utilized more and more for meditation, wellbeing, prayer and healing, at which I also partecipated with great emotion. At the same time I received the notice that my music is commercially used really everywhere in the world! Two aspects of the same medal, made by a lot of work, sacrifice, sincerity, research, silence and a lot of heart that I put in every project, I can say to be very lucky for all this !!

And so old path are abandoned, and new fascinating scenery are opening, new musical instruments enters to be part of my life, and so also new good friends, renewing again in me the passion for this boundless and wonderful art that never ends to amaze me !

From a book recently readed: "We are all dying of efficiency and we just need poetry" .. What else?

In the picture some of the comments received from people around the world,
thank you all really with all my heart !! ^_^

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