Born in Rome in 1970, Fabrizio Pigliucci trained in classical and jazz studies for piano, harmony, composition and orchestration, studied for computer-based music, and developed great experience in all the aspects of music production.
He has more than twenty years of experience in composing, arranging, orchestrating, mixing and producing music.

He loves to talk about himself as "musician and dreamer", was defined by a poetess as “an emotion amplifier”, that well reflect the sense of his warm-hearted and rich of great humanity way to work ..

His music was utilized everywhere in the world, and performed in various country by international artists, as the fantastic Ennio Morricone's solo musicians, together with the Oscar-winning music of him.

Fabrizio Pigliucci with the years worked on more than 50 soundtracks published by Warner, Emi, Buena Vista-Disney, RaiTrade, Mediaset also for international co-productions (see full list on IMDB-Internet Movie DataBase ). He realized music for many documentaries for the main italian TV and for other international TV (as the last documentary "Antartica la ultima esperanza, produced in Chile and filmed in Antarctica that received important appreciations), written and orchestrated music for Musicals and theatrical productions, 25 CD’s for jingles, signatures and advertising tunes published by Flipper Music and used worldwide on the main TV channels from Italy (Rai-Mediaset-Sky-La7) to the main channels in USA, Canada, to all Europe (UK, Spain, Germany, Norway, Finland, ecc), to Japan, South Africa, National Geographic Channel, etc.

He worked as producer, orchestrator and arranger for pop/jazz albums featuring artists such as Kara Johnstad, Grazia Di Michele, Renzo Arbore, Renata Fusco, Andrea Celeste, La Scelta, Marco Conidi, Marie Antonazzo, Volume, Kyte, musical "Madre Teresa", musical "Wojtyla Generation", ecc, recording with up to a 60 elements orchestra, and has collaborated with other international artists as the Italian pianist Vincenzo Silvestris, the american composer Billy Vitale, the American pianist Craig Hurquhart from the Bernstein Foundation in New York, and for the importan radio-tv network AtresMedia in Spain for which he recorded signature tunes with a big orchestra.

Mr. Pigliucci has recently published his second solo album "THE RAINBOW TRAVELLER", an album rich of spirituality, and soon utilized in meditation, healing, prayer and wellbeing situations, following the album “FALLEN FROM THE MOON”, an orchestral emotional work recorded in Italy with acclaimed orchestral and solo musicians, and that received worldwide appreciations and utilizations from various international broadcast companies.

For years, he has performed as orchestrator and orchestra's conductor for various shows as the great charity "IL CUORE OLTRE" in Latina, Italy (with testimonials as the famous Italian musician Michele Zarrillo, the Miss-Italia Denny Mendez, and the Oscar winner Luis Bacalov), for the literary prize "UN LIBRO NEL CASSETTO" in Rome where he conducted his original musics (with various great Italian actors as testimonials), for the wonderful "FESTIVAL DEL MICCIO CANTERINO" in Tuscany (that had on the stage with the orchestra some of the greatest italian pop artists), and for various other orchestral shows. His music was successfully played at Vaticans and received a written congratulation's letter from Pope Francesco. His music was also requested to be performed with the orchestra in the prestigious SALA NERVI at Vaticans.

Recently was released the collection “CAPO VERDE TERRA D’AMORE” for SONY MUSIC, for which he worked as orchestrator for one song by Grazia Di Michele, in an album that includes the most important Italian artists as Gianni Morandi, Gino Paoli, Ron, Fabio Concato, Stefano Bollani and international artists as Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull.
Also recently he worked as orchestrator for the event PASSARO SPOSA, with the exceptional partecipation of the great singer Renata Fusco, italian voice of a lot of DISNEY cartoons like "The Little Mermaid" and musicals as original "The Phantom of the Opera" by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

His music has been played several times on "The Essence Show", produced in Berlin and on air from Brooklyn through the best web radios.

Fabrizio Pigliucci has received recognition and critical appreciation for his musical production:
recently he recevied public "deep appreciation and admiration" from Steve Porcaro, famous american author of Michael Jackson's song "Human Nature" and member of world-acclaimed band as Toto and Yes, congratulations from the Hollywood movie director Anthony Powell, he was asked to join the worldwide community of artists TALENT FOR HUMANITY, he was nominated for the prestigious Italian prize DAVID DI DONATELLO in 2008 for authoring the song “Run Away” from the “Sweet Sweet Marja” Warner's movie soundtrack, he was placed among the top twenty of over 6200 composers worldwide in the 2011 NOKIA TUNE REMAKE contest, and from the Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios in London that appreciated his works, from the American music magazine Riveting Riffs which published an enthusiastic interview characterizing his work as “The breathtaking music of Fabrizio Pigliucci”, the American music magazine "New Consciousness Review", the magazine “Voice your Essence” with articles and reviews, the Italian Dictionary of Films, “Il Morandini”, the “The Essence Show”, and from important artists worldwide...

He done teaching activity for Arranging-Orchestrating, and for Computer Music in a Music Academy in Rome.

"I'm trying to build a way to work based on quality, respect and heart..this is the only way to work I know! :-)"

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