STEVE PORCARO, composer of "Human Nature" one of the most famous Michael Jackson's song,
and member of the world famous band Toto and Yes,
about my orchestral version of "Human Nature" with the saxophonist Tommaso Vivaldi

"A shockingly beautiful and powerful expression of Love and Hope. Fabrizio Pigluicci has brilliantly crafted a new language that communicates directly to the heart and senses... you will feel the rush of the wind, you will dance with the stars.... the sea beckons you Home; a return to innocence and purity. The Rainbow Traveller's compositions tell the story of the joy and angst of human existence intertwined with the sweetest harmonies of love and hope. My dear friends, this is a gift to the world, an embrace, a generous outpouring of Love. Receive it and be transported and transformed to a more noble and fulfilling state of being."

ANTHONY POWELL, director of the Hollywood movie "Antarctica, an year on ice"
about the Sergio Praus' documentary with my music "ANTARTICA LA ULTIMA ESPERANZA"

"A wonderful and emotional tribute to an incredible land"


"This album is a gem, filled with solo and orchestral work. Filled with melodies that will touch your soul and make you want to reach for the stars. I think this is why it might be called "Fallen from the Moon", because when you listen you simply end up on a "different planet", called "Beauty".


“As one gets to know Fabrizio Pigliucci you realize that he is a gracious man and a creative genius, although you will never hear him ever suggesting to you that his music is great, yet so many of the people with whom we come in contact and who are themselves, very accomplished musicians, singers, composers and producers use words like, beautiful, pretty, wonderful and breathless to describe his music and the effect that it has upon them”


“…one of my favorite pieces of all time "Message of hope" by Fabrizio Pigliucci ..”
Kara Johnstad host of The Essence Show (Radio show from Brooklyn)

Review of the soundtrack for the film “ NON AVER PAURA”:

“…beautiful music written by Paolo Vivaldi and also the main title written by Fabrizio Pigliucci”


“On wednesday 21st September 2012, on Ghione Theatre in Rome, there was the final
evening of the IV edition of the Literary Prize "A BOOK IN THE DRAWER [...]
The Gala evening proved to be a harmonious blend of catchy and various forms of culture,
starting from the music of the wonderful orchestra's conductor Fabrizio Pigliucci -
author of soundtracks for tv and cinema, published by Warner, Emi, Buena Vista-Disney,
RaiTrade, RTI-Mediaset, also for international coproductions -
who, in occasion of the event, composed and conducted original music.”

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